Morion's inventors have been studying a new method to move to a destination more easily, and now they have created the new system "Teleport". Actually, the technology of new system is not enough to be compared with the ancient's knowledge, but it is true that most people can go to their destination with more convenience.


- Pay a little fee to Clever Newter and you will be able to use his teleport service.
- When you use the teleport, you can go only to the specified destinations.

Area Level Limit Capable Areas Teleport Service Fee
Acacia forest 240s +(ULx2)s 4-6 190
Land of Dusk 240s +(ULx2)s 10-16 450
Cursed Land 240s +(ULx2)s 25-28 540
Forbidden Land 240s +(ULx2)s 34-38 1200

Monster crystals can be only used in battle fields and they will not work in either Pilai or Ricarten.(But works in Navisko) When crystal is summoned (by right clicking on inventory screen), the monster will help to fight against enemies for a certain amount of time.

Teleport Guide
Visit the Teleport NPC (Clever Newter) in Pillai, and select the place where you want from the list and click it.

Teleport Guide
The using fee will be paid automatically from your inventory, and it will teleport your character to the destination.

Teleport is a one-way system. If you want to come back to the town, use the Ether Core, Union Core or Warp gate to save time.