The Friends List is a convenient function that allows players to register other players they've met in Priston Tale.

Friend 1 Friend b [ Add Friend ]

By selecting a player and pressing the "Add Friend" button nearby their portrait, the player will be registered to your Friends List.

friend 2 friend2 b [ Accessing your List ]

The Friends List will appear as a window on the right-hand side of your screen.

You can access your Friends List at any time by pressing the "D" key on your keyboard.

guide friend 3 guide friend 3 b [ Removing Friends ]

If you press an "Delete" button on your Friends List, the selected player will be removed from the list.


Friend 4 friend 4 b
1.) You can send friends on your Friends List private messages (also known as Whisper Command). Open your Friends List and double click on your Friend's name. 2.) Your chat window will automatically open and target your next message to your friend. Simply type in your message and hit the "Enter" key to send the message!

The Recent List will display players who you have interacted with either through messaging or being messaged by.

friend 5 friend 5 b [ Add Friend ]

If you press the "Add Friend" button, the player will be registered to your Friends List.

friend 6 friend 6 b [ Add Ignored ]

If you press the "Add Ignored" button, the player will not be able to contact you through whispers.

The Ignore List will display all players whom you have blocked from whispering you.

friend 7 friend 7 b [ Delete ]

If you press the "Delete" button, the player will be unblocked and will be able to whisper you again.