Guide Menu The world of Priston is composed of subtle relations of 2 tribes: the one is ‘Morion’ being highly dependent on magic and soul & the other is ‘Tempskron’ being highly dependent on power and technology.

There are basically active Exchanges & positive relations between them.
In the meanwhile, several portents & airs started occurring in almost all parts of the world. It was so weird that they began to investigate it, and came to discover a prophecy of the ancients. They realized that the content of the prophecy was composed of suggestions & predictions, and almost coincided with the portents & airs now under way.

However, a real and bigger problem was a predi-cation in the last part of the prophecy that a new evil species would appear. As both tribes suspected these facts and considered a counter-plan, in the meanwhile, many kinds of big problems like conflicts & collapses occurred and the world of Priston came to be falling in a state of chaos.