Guide Menu 1 The Class Change system is one of Priston Tale's most prominent and interesting features. A starting player selected from one of 8 difference classes, four from each of the two tribes in the game. When the player reaches the required level and completes the Job Change Quest, the next tier of new skills for the upper class becomes available for them to learn. Game features only available to upper-tier classes, provides an incentive for class changing.


Skill and spell system Characters can learn various skills and spells depending on his current class. Trainers can be found in each tribe’s beginning town to teach the new skills to players or level up exciting ones to make them more powerful. Shape the role of your character to suit your play style by deciding on which skills you want to focus on.


Combat System Priston Tale is based on a real-time battle system. The hitting sound and flashing effects give players a greater sense of causing damage to their enemies. All these effects proceed faster than any other games, and so users bodily feel this game is more exciting and speedy than any others.


Item System Priston Tale features a unique and item system in which weapons and armor can be specialized by methods of mixing or aging. By using mixtures and aging techniques, each character will be able to develop their own unique set of equipment, making players become more attached to their customized equipment.


CLAN/PARTY SYSTEM A Party is a team of characters who group together in order to achieve superiority in battle against monsters. It can consist of 2 to 6 members, and the experience points a party acquires will be divided among its participants.

Form a clan with your friends to battle other clans to take control of Bless Castle or gain recognition from Bellatra. Having a clan enables players to easily communicate with all other clan members. Clans ultimately are small communities of users. Find yourself a clan to experience the most out of Priston Tale and raise to the top.