Entering the world of Priston Tale for the first time? Choosing a class is one of the first decisions you will make when playing the game. After deciding what tribe you wish to play, each player will choose one of several classes. Each race has its own list of class options available to it. Choosing a class will determine which skills and playstyle the player will experience; this page lists just a few for each class. Below you will find information detailing each of the classes you'll be able to play in Priston Tale, including a few examples of the numerous stats and skills available to each class.


They exist for the glory of battle, and they like their fights up close and personal. Being a well-balanced class, they excel in groups.
Strength: 28 Spirit: 06 Talent: 21
Agility: 17 Health: 27
1st Job Skills
Melee Mastery Melee Mastery: Increase your efficiency in attacks with Axes, Swords, Claws.
Fire Attribute Fire Attribute: Permanently raise your resistance to attacks with fire-type properties.
Raving Raving: Go berserk for a short period of time. HP lost with each attack.
Impact Impact: A precise strike that crushes the enemy.

These female warriors are unmatched in their skills in projectile weapons. Picking enemies off at a distance is a key element to their gameplay. While able to use all types of weapons, they truly excel when using Bows and Crossbows.
Strength: 17 Spirit: 11 Talent: 21
Agility: 27 Health: 23
1st Job Skills
Scout Hawk Scout Hawk: Summon a Hawk to scout the surrounding area, raising your Archer's Attack Rating.
Shooting Mastery Shooting Mastery: Permanently raise your Attack Power when using Bows and Crossbows.
Wind Arrow Wind Arrow: Imbue an arrow with wind-type properties to increase Attack Power.
Perfect Aim Perfect Aim: Make an aimed shot with increased Attack Rating and Power.

A master of polearms, these warriors strike terror deep into the hearts of their enemies. Their high damage output makes quick work of their enemies.
Strength: 26 Spirit: 09 Talent: 20
Agility: 19 Health: 25
1st Job Skills
Pike Wind Pike Wind: Create a whirlwind to knock back and deal damage to enemies.
Ice Attribute Ice Attribute: Permanently raise your resistance to attacks with frost-type properties.
Critical Hit Critical Hit: Aim for the enemies' weak spots to raise the probability of a critical strike.
Impact Jumping Crash: Leap up into the air to crash down with a devastating blow.

mech 1
The Mechanician is one of the most unique classes on the continent of Priston, being masters of all things mechanical. Their skills allow them to take on tough and hard-hitting foes by reducing damage taken.
Strength: 24 Spirit: 08 Talent: 25
Agility: 18 Health: 24
1st Job Skills
Extreme Shield Extreme Shield: Temporarily increase Block Rating of your current shield.
Mechanic Bomb Mechanic Bomb: Hurl a bomb to damage enemies within range of the blast radius.
Poison Attribute Poison Attribute: Permanently raise your resistance to attacks with poison-type properties.
Physical Absorption Impact: Temporarily increase the body's ability to absob damage.


Knights are disciplined warriors who have the ability to use Holy Magic. They truly shine when fighting against enemies of the undead-type.
Strength: 26 Spirit: 13 Talent: 17
Agility: 19 Health: 24
1st Job Skills
Sword Blast Sword Blast: Create a shot of pure energy with your sword. May deal extra damage to Normal and Mutant-type monsters.
Holy Body Holy Body: Temporarily raise your resistances to all physical attacks from Undead-type monsters.
Physical Training Physical Training: Permanently raises your Stamina.
Double Crash Double Crash: A double strike that mortally wounds the enemy.

The Priestess is a holy caster who focuses on aiding friendly players, rather than dealing damage. Their supportive nature makes them a key member in any group.
Strength: 15 Spirit: 28 Talent: 21
Agility: 15 Health: 20
1st Job Skills
Healing Spell Healing: Gives the ability to restore health.
Holy Bolt Spell Holy Bolt: A magic attack that deals damage to a single target. May cause additional damage to Undead-type monsters.
Multi Spark Spell Multi Spark: Strike the enemy with multiple sparks.
Holy Mind Spell Holy Mind: Cast a spell which weakens the attack of the enemy.

Agile warriors who prefer the use of Javelins to take down their foes. Rumor has it that they are descendants of the Tempskron.
Strength: 23 Spirit: 15 Talent: 19
Agility: 19 Health: 23
1st Job Skills
Shield Strike Attack Shield Strike: Strike the enemy with your shield, temporarily stunning them.
Farina Farina: Throws your Javelin with increased accuracy.
Throwing Mastery Talent Throwing Mastery: Permanently raise your Attack Power with Javelins.
Vigor Spear Attack Vigor Spear: Strike the enemy with enhanced force and power.

With strong minds and powerful spells, the Magician is a force to be reckoned with. Their main weapon is the staff.
Strength: 16 Spirit: 29 Talent: 19
Agility: 14 Health: 21
1st Job Skills
Agony Agony: Convert your HP into MP.
Fire Bolt Spell Fire Bolt: Unleash a bolt of fire onto a single target.
Zenith Zenith: Temporarily raise your resistance to all types of elemental attacks.
Fire Ball Spell Fire Ball: Hurl a giant ball of fire to attack your opponents.