Specialized items are items that give certain character an extra ability. None-specialized/specialized items differ in their capabilities.


Spec. items are evenly distributed to all equipments, and here is how it works...

Special Ability Added Performance
Attack +(LV/x) One’s lvl / x added to max. damage
Attack rating +(LV/x) One’s lvl / x added to attack rating
Attack speed +x Attack speed +x added
Critical +x% Critical +x% added
Attack range +x Range +x added
Defense +x Defense +x added
Absorption +x.x Absorption +x.x added
Block rate +x% Shield’s block rate +x% added
Speed +x.x Movement speed +x.x added
Life regeneration +x.x Life regen. rate +x.x added
Stamina regeneration +x.x Stamina regen. Rate +x.x added
HP added. +x HP +x added
STM. added +x STM. +x added
MP. added +x MP +x added
Magic Skill lvl +x Increase all magic skill lvl by x


Requirement points will be based upon created DB and depend on character’s job. The requirement points will automatically change for each character to prevent players from using a certain character frequently.

Job Level Strength Spirit Ability Agility Health
Mechanician fixed +(5%~15%) -(10%~20%) fixed -(15%~25%) fixed
Fighter fixed +(10%~15%) -(15%~20%) fixed -(15%~25%) fixed
Pikeman fixed +(10%~15%) -(15%~20%) fixed -(15%~25%) fixed
Archer fixed -(15%~25%) -(10%~20%) fixed +(15%~25%) fixed
Knight fixed +(5%~15%) -(10%~15%) +(5%~10%) -(15%~25%) fixed
Atlanta fixed -(15%~20%) -(10%~20%) fixed +(15%~25%) fixed
Priestess fixed -(15%~20%) +(15%~20%) -(10%~15%) -(15%~25%) fixed
Magician fixed -(15%~20%) +(15%~25%) -(10%~15%) -(15%~25%) fixed

Requirements will be decided on its increase/decrease on max./min. range.