When I run the Priston Tale Launcher nothing happens, what should I do?
Re-install the game with a fresh installer, which can be found here
I can run the game but I am getting the error ‘Version does not match’,
what can I do to fix this?
You must make sure that the launcher is on the correct live version number. This can be verified by looking at the bottom right corner of the log in screen. To change the version number you must open the ptreg file located in your install folder. Next, edit the version number to the current live version number. If you perform a full client install to the current patch (version) number you will not need to edit the ptreg file. You will only need to do this while patching.
My Priston Tale client is on the correct version number and I have installed from a fresh downloader but I still can’t play, what can I do?
Make sure your antivirus and firewall are not conflicting with the game, and run as an administrator. If you are still experiencing issues, check our forums. There are many support threads you can view for assistance. If you still cannot find help you can create a thread and a veteran player or players will be sure to help you.
When I launch the game I get an X-Trap error and cannot run the game, what should I do?
Try deleting your X-Trap folder located in your Priston Tale install folder. Then run the game again. This will allow X-Trap to redownload itself. Hopefully this second download fixes the issue. If not, check this link for X-Trap error details.
For any other issues, please visit our customer support page.