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Priston Tale Starts Off Seven Summer

With the summer rolling around, many MMORPG companies realize that their players will be online more often than during the school year. Well, this time around, Wicked Interactive, a North American MMO publisher, announced that Priston Tale will be innundated with Summer events, starting on July first. During the month on July, Priston Tale players will get increased experience rates throughout the month of July. Furthermore, the team plans to release a new event every Tuesday, with each event lasting about two weeks. First, there will be a fireworks event on July first "to celebrate Canada Day, Independence Day in the U.S. and the beginning of summer." Next, there will be en event where players need to capture the wanted criminal, Morif, to get rewards of Sheltom forces and Sheltoms (which are used for upgrading weapons and skills). Next, there will be a treasure hunt for two amulets, with nice rewards at the end. Finally, monsters around the world will be dropping 'summer balls,' which can then be opened for treasure - as well, there will be minature versions of these monsters appearing randomly in the world of Priston Tale.

You can check out the full press release below!

Toronto, CANADA-June 30, 2009- Wicked Interactive (, a leading North American MMO publisher, today announced that it will launch a series of summer events for Yedang Online's popular MMORPG, Priston Tale. Players of Priston Tale can participate in the Summer Events beginning July 1st by going to

The Summer Events will consist of seven unique events during the month of July. Each of the events will begin on each Tuesday in July and will last for two weeks each. Priston Tale players will also receive increased experience rates throughout the month of July.

"We are excited to launch the Priston Tale Summer Events," said Garvin Yeung, CEO of Wicked Interactive. "We hope that our players will enjoy and take advantage of the free fireworks and other great events we have lined up while they enjoy their summer playing Priston Tale."

Event #1: Free Fireworks

The Summer Events will kick off by lighting up the night skies with free fireworks for all players of Priston Tale beginning July 1st to celebrate Canada Day, Independence Day in the U.S. and the beginning of summer.

Event #2: "Wanted": Morif

Once the best alchemist in the known world, Morif is now a wanted criminal. Morif turned his back on humankind in search of adventure but kept the secret of perfect item aging to himself. The nations of Priston viewed this as an act of ridicule and have ordered a warrant for the capture of Morif - dead or alive. Players can hunt down Morif and be rewarded with Sheltom forces and Sheltoms (which are used for upgrading weapons and skills).

Event #3: Nine and Tail Amulet

Priston Tale players are sent on a quest to help Praya, an assassin from a distant land. They need to find a pair of Amulets: the Nine Amulet and the Tail Amulet. When combined together, the Amulets form the seal of the love Praya once shared with the monster, Ninefox.
Generous rewards are offered in exchange for these valuables.

Event #4: Summer Ball Sports

The monsters are out to play - sports, that is! Hunt monsters from all over Priston Land to steal their ball. New items will include Beach Balls, Soccer Balls, Volleyballs and more. Players can activate these items to reveal their true worth.

Event #5: Mini Monsters

Miniature versions of monsters will be appearing at select areas of the Priston world!

Event #6: Summer Experience

Experience needed to level up characters will be increased by 50% on the weekends beginning July 3rd and again on July 18th. This will be followed by a month long Summer Experience Event starting again on July 28th and moving into August. Players are invited to take this chance to join the highest ranks of Priston Tale society!

Event #7: Ice Cream

After all, you can't truly enjoy summer without ice cream!